What I eat on a ketogenic diet

High-Fat Ketogenic Diet {Week 4}

I can’t believe it’s been a month since I had a chocolate bar.

Seriously. That’s kind of a big deal.

Sugar miracles aside, this week I want to highlight how you can follow a high-fat diet and still feed your family “normally”. I often make one meal but in two ways. For example, Shepherd’s Pie is typically topped with mashed potatoes — a carb buster. But as you can see in my photos below, I managed to keep the mashed potatoes on most of the pie (for the family) and then leave a section of the meat mixture just for me. Topped with craploads of cheese, it tasted amazing. I didn’t even miss the potatoes.

What I eat on a ketogenic diet

Oh, and yes, I’m eating cheese now. I went dairy-free for the first few weeks and while I do believe it’s the best way, I just needed some cheese. Can’t fault a girl for that! That said, my weight loss stalled as soon as I introduced cheese which could be a total coincidence…or not. Dairy has been known to do that. I will most likely experiment with a few no-dairy weeks in the coming month. Just as soon as I can put down this gouda…

Baby Shower Food Spread

During Week 4, I also co-hosted a baby shower and yet again, attended a group function with little to no worry about what I was going to eat there. I love that! So often, when following special diets, you end up feeling left out or just plain starving at parties and events. Not me!

Same goes for Valentine’s Day dinner with Tim. Sure, I bent the macros a bit with my Champagne and a touch of chocolate fondue but the lamb shank and foie gras more than made up for it and I kept my macros spot-on. Yes, I ate foie gras…you can unsubscribe now.

valentines day date

Celebrating V-Day with Tim — for the first time in 15 years! Long story. Let’s just say…I have finally come to the light and appreciate the Valentine’s Day love in the air.

PS — how awesome is that dress? Better yet, how awesome that it just magically showed up on my doorstep a few days before V-Day, addressed to me, but yet I had NO IDEA how or why! The dress fairy? A blog stalker? Ahh, it was killing me!

I eventually found out that a German friend who had been visiting a few days earlier bought it and had it shipped to our house in hopes it would be there when she stayed with us. Her loss was my gain and with a few nips and tucks here and there (by my good friend and talented seamstress extraordinaire, Kossiwa), it was perfect. If you’re into fashion, make sure to check out Kossiwa’s blog, where she replicates designer outfits for a few dollars!

Okay — back to the fat. There was one slight negative this week — I believe I have a magnesium deficiency. This is a common side effect to a low-carb diet since many of the starchy vegetables and fibrous carbs (which we’re cutting out) help provide magnesium. As I suffered through headaches and muscle cramps toward the end of the week, I started taking a magnesium supplement and bingo, bango, bongo…all symptoms gone.

The Summary

For the last three weeks, I’ve provided a fairly detailed outline of what I ate, how much I slept, how much I exercised, and my daily macros. Now that you have a good idea of my usual routine (since all those things play a critical role in our health), I’m now going to streamline these weekly updates and give you the high-level overview only. You can still visit my food journal if you want to see exactly what I’m eating or follow me on Instagram for photographic evidence!


Domestically Yours,

Natasha Kay