The American Bucket List

You may have seen on social media last month that I checked off a major “to do” on my American Bucket List!


Although I didn’t hear my name called to “come on down”, it was still an awesome experience to be in the audience of a game show I grew up watching! And Tim’s expertly crafted Facebook post, where he had all our friends believing I had won a really ugly yellow Kia, was pretty much the best part.


Which leaves my American Bucket List nearly complete:

  1. Shoot a gun
  2. Attend a Super Bowl Party
  3. Watch an MLB game and eat a stadium hot dog
  4. Witness 4th of July fireworks
  5. Visit a rollerskating rink
  6. Go to a muscle car show
  7. Hear gun shots from our living room
  8. See Monster Jam, live
  9. Attend a taping of The Price is Right
  10. Drive a NASCAR

Now that I have my NRA Certificate proudly displayed on my wall (I’m only half-kidding) and we’ve survived eating stadium meat, you’d think I’d start putting more respectable items on my American Bucket List like, oh, I don’t know…see the Grand Canyon? But no, this isn’t about the typical tourist hot spots — this is about living the American life! The things an average American would be doing. The people, places, and things that epitomize America.

From the entire list, I have to say the one that has stood out the most was Monster Jam. After years of growing up sitting on Grampa’s knee while watching “Grave Digger” terrorize the monster truck circuit, it was a dream come true for Jack and Liam to be seeing it all live and up close!

Our first experience seeing Monster Jam live! February 2012.

Our first experience seeing Monster Jam live! February 2012.

Look at that baby face! I can barely remember it. And despite the years that have passed, our boys are still fanatical about monster trucks! Every time we pass a jacked-up truck on the road, they squeal with delight. What is it with boys and their trucks?!

monster-jam-promoSo when we heard that Monster Jam is coming back to our neighbourhood but this time even closer (to the new Levi’s Stadium, right in our backyard) we knew we had to be there. One more hoorah from the trusty American Bucket List.

If you’re in the area, I highly recommend going to this awesome show! Use the promo code MOM and get a discount on your tickets!

Domestically Yours,
Natasha Kay

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