Boys and Their Trucks: Monster Jam Does it Again!

Video Credit: @crdonegan

As I mentioned in my American Bucket List, our family was thrilled to see Monster Jam come to the new Levi’s Stadium. Our last Monster Jam experience a few years back was so epic, children and adults alike were jumping to their feet from the sheer excitement. Of course, it was a dream come true for two little boys who had grown up sitting on Grampa’s knee watching Monster Jam on TV every weekend! But no matter how big your flat screen, there’s nothing like feeling the seat underneath you rumble with intense vibrations as the trucks roll by!

Truth be told, this time around Tim was probably even more excited than Jack and Liam (which says a lot because they were pretty darn excited!). Oh who am I kidding…we were ALL counting down the days.

And Monster Jam 2015 did not disappoint!

After some speedy racing,Todd Leduc driving Metal Mulisha took the top prize in the Racing Championship. But let’s be honest, we’re all here to see the jumps and the tumbles so everyone was happy to move on to the next part of the show: the Freestyle Competition!

Video Credit: @crdonegan

After some amazing feats (who knew monster trucks could do back-flips?) and good times all around, it was time for Jack’s absolute favorite, Maximum Destruction.

Maximum Destruction Destroys the Competition

In a graveyard of monster trucks, with the legendary Grave Digger flat on its back in the middle of the field, Maximum Destruction (or Max-D, as he’s now called) schooled every driver before him with a run of incredible flips, turns, and saves. He resurrected himself to all four wheels not once, not twice, but three times! Listen, if you or I flipped a monster truck, I’m pretty sure we’d call it a day. But this guy had the crowd going wild as he made his recoveries look like child’s play. Didn’t matter if you were a kid or a grown-ass adult, you were into it.

So go grab the nearest man, woman or child and watch this amazing video of his winning run. It’s all sorts of fun!


Jack and Liam with the Freestyle Competition winner (and Jack’s favorite truck), Tom Meents of Maximum Destruction

Few things bring people together from every walk of life. For some reason, Monster Jam is just one of those things. People from all backgrounds come together to get their redneck on (whether they’re rednecks or not!) and just bask in the glory of huge horsepower and crazy feats. Who doesn’t love that?!

If you’re in the Bay Area and sad you missed Monster Jam, I recommend you check out the Monster Supercross Live happening this Saturday, April 18! It looks like a crazy show and even more death-defying. I know Jack would go absolutely nutty if he saw this live and part of me wants to take him. Then there’s that mother part of me that wants to hide him under a rock so he doesn’t get any crazy ideas.

Domestically Yours,
Natasha Kay

PS. Did you notice how two of the videos in this post were more awesome than usual? No, I didn’t suddenly learn how to make great videos (but thanks for the vote of confidence). What’s highly more probable is that my friend Chris was in the crowd, happens to be a professional videographer, and was nice enough to let me use his Instagram videos from the show. Follow him on Instagram for more great videos and adorable cat photos!

Disclaimer: My family received complimentary tickets in exchange for an honest review of the show. Of course, my opinions would be the same regardless of how I got the tickets! You know me.