Natural Birth Control that Actually Works…and Won’t Cost You Your First-Born Child

When I first got married, 14 years ago, I decided that I wasn’t comfortable with taking birth control. The evidence was mounting that introducing synthetic hormones into your body, on a daily basis, could have negative effects in the long-term that we just didn’t understand well enough. So I looked for alternatives and found a product, widely used in Europe, called the Lady-Comp (or the Lady-Comp baby for those wishing to actually get pregnant).

Lady-Comp is the intelligent natural birth control, fertility and family planning monitor — a next-generation computer that learns, analyses and indicates ovulation, fertile and non-fertile days with 99.3% premium accuracy, which is free of invasive hormones and side effects.

lady-compThe device is based on the age-old Basal Body Temperature (BBT) method — that a subtle increase in your body’s resting temperature (i.e. when you first wake up and don’t yet get out of bed) can indicate fertility. In truth, we can only get pregnant a few days out of every cycle. Since ovulation causes an increase of one-half to one degree Fahrenheit in your BBT, the device is meant to catch that rise and give you a heads up that you’re fertile.

Our own mothers used the BBT method back in the day. Problem is, our mom got totally knocked up using this approach! So how come research says this method is even more effective than the pill (99.3%)? Ahhh…it’s that fine print that follows — “when used properly”! Our mothers, who had their crappy drug store thermometer and their paper charts of scribbles weren’t exactly setting themselves up for success. The LadyComp device promised the most advanced temperature sensor (1/100 degrees accurate) and the ability to automatically compare your data with its bio-mathematical forecasting software and stored research data, thereby simplifying the mathematical calculations to a simple green light (“bow, ch, ch, bow, bow!”), red light (“baby danger, Will Robinson!”) and yellow light (“I’m still figuring you out…be safe”).

My older sister and I both decided to go for it and forked over the $700 CAD, to buy what looked like a glorified alarm clock, in hopes that we could manage our own fertility naturally. Lo and behold, the sucker actually worked. Although my double-ovulating/twin-producing reproductive system was a bit harder to nail down, my sis had great success right away. After a week of yellow lights, the device knew her cycle and she was all set. In fact, she used that thing to stay un-pregnant for nearly 10 years! It seemed too good to be true and when she and her husband were ready to have kids, she was actually a bit worried that maybe she wasn’t fertile at all! Um, no. She got pregnant on the first red light. And that was the same for my other friends who later used the LadyComp device.

Flash forward to current day and technology has grown in leaps and bounds. Let’s just say that when I bought my LadyComp, I also had a cell phone the size of your toddler’s head. Back then, the device was very basic and without any frills and apparently, it seems like that’s still the case. Despite claiming to “automatically comparing your data to hundreds of thousands of cycles of other women to accurately determine, analyze and display your individual cycle”, it is doing that via stored data and not in real-time. Furthermore, to review your own data, you have to use a clunky display that goes day by day or export the data manually. But perhaps worse than that is the fact that the price has not come down and the LadyComp still costs you over $700 USD (and even more for the upgraded BabyComp).

devices-practSo imagine my delight when I came across a new product being released this summer from the makers of the fertility app, Kindara. Finally! Someone who was pairing the science of BBT with the slick user-friendly experience of our iPhones! Connecting via Bluetooth technology, and syncing effortlessly with the app on your phone, Wink (Kindara’s version of the LadyComp) is a compact high-tech thermometer which allows you to seamlessly track your ovulation. You can then review your fertility data in their Kindara app, helping you avoid or encourage pregnancy. I also like that they’ve used vibration to discreetly notify you that it’s time to take your temperature instead of the beeping noise LadyComp uses. You can also configure Wink to use your iPhone alarm so as soon as you start taking your temperature, the device turns off your alarm.

Best of all? The Wink is currently taking pre-orders for only $79. Even the full price offer ($129) is drastically lower than their UK competitor and from what I can tell, you’re getting a much better experience. I’m sold! Expect an update/review from me when I get mine later this summer.

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Domestically Yours,
Natasha Kay

2 thoughts on “Natural Birth Control that Actually Works…and Won’t Cost You Your First-Born Child

  1. Kristi says:

    Great article! I would have to add a note being one of the ladies who has forked over 850$ for the baby comp and used it for 5+ years? Not all of us have the same self restraint as your sweet sister! I am not sure if she just always had a whole lot more green lights than me, but I had many red lights…and I always smelled so much sweeter and looked so much hotter on flashing red light days (the very fertile ones) because…well I was simply irresistible to my husband and overtime I became tired of always being the sex police especially on the flashing red days, when I was by FAR most willing to participate. So with baby #1? No big deal, pregnant 3 months before we were going to try. Baby # 2 came 13 months later, the baby comp doesn’t promise to be effective when you are nursing, so I foolishly didn’t even use it. Baby number 3 due in 3 months….oh boy my husband and I have proven to ourselves we cannot be trusted in bed to behave just cause a machine tells us to think twice.

  2. Stephanie says:

    Hi there,

    So I am using the new Lady-Comp, im not sure if you have seen it? It has all new Hardware and the same fantastic software and I am just loving it really. I cant speak for the wink as I obviously don’t have it but I am super happy with my Lady-Comp ! I feel it has great features like being able to plug it into your computer and get your data if you need to bring it to your doctor and its light fertility warnings.

    Anywho just said I would put in my 2 cents


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