LE TOTE’s Style Share of the Week: Domestica

IMG_4548Have you seen my social media posts where I gush about how much I love my LE TOTE service?

LE TOTE is a clothing and accessories service where stylists curate wardrobe “totes” for you. You get to wear the items for as long as you want and then return them when you’re ready for your next tote. Best of all, you can try and buy, keeping any pieces you love for a discounted rate. It’s just genius, really.

In addition to getting an affordable influx of fashion every week, I love that I can try things which I normally wouldn’t have the courage (or disposable income!) to buy myself. For instance, my current tote had me loving this BCBG Open Front Blazer which was a fabulous red but not something my minimalist wardrobe would warrant (my husband says I need a 12-step program to cure me of my need for black clothing).

Anyway, when LE TOTE contacted me to say they loved my recent Style Share (when you upload pics of yourself wearing the clothes so the stylists can better curate future totes) and would like to feature me on their blog as the Style Share of the Week, I was beyond flattered. I mean, there are stylish women all over America posting their incredible LE TOTE style! Little do they know, I have quite a few dusty skeletons in my fashion closet. For kicks, let’s review.

There was a day when I used to dress like this:


8th Grade was not nice to me.

And it was terrible. I mean, incredibly, downright, honest-to-goodness, terrible. I had no clue whatsoever about fashion or anything even remotely close to personal style (I’d like to say I was ahead of my time with those work boots but I think they were just on sale).

While we can hardly judge each other for how we dressed in high school (and lets be honest, the 90’s were a terrible decade for fashion), lets continue sharing how far I’ve come — feel free to laugh at my expense as we go.


Why was I wearing velour? With satin trim? There are no words.


Yes, that is a shirt where you can actually write messages across your chest. Yes, my email address was actually t-doggie-dogg@hotmail.com. And yes, there was a day when cool people used hotmail.

And then college. When you would like to think I grew up and my fashion sense improved. Or perhaps someone would have told me by now that boy-cut t-shirts are horribly unflattering. Or, at the very least, maybe I could have stopped wearing chunky heeled shoes by this point. But sadly, no.


Can I just say that I promise to never wear a shoe that awful ever again? Or that hat. Or anything remotely close to that hat.


A successful tote: Octavia Zig Zag Cape, Ava Geo Drop Pendant, B Centrale Naomi Leggings

Thankfully, everything changed in 2002 when I left my corporate office gig and got a job working in radio. I literally showed up to my first day wearing a black pants suit (force of habit) while everyone else was wearing jeans and a hoodie. And then there was my boss. She was always so well put together and literally oozed style. In addition to her amazing wardrobe and shoe collection, Sarah seemed to have a sixth sense when it came to accessories. From colourful scarves to oversized gems, I secretly envied her seemingly natural ability to accessorize an outfit.

Perhaps it was Sarah rubbing off on me or I just finally grew up but as the years past, I began to care more about what I wore and how I put myself together. I learned to love eccentric footwear (it’s much easier to be bold with a glittery shoe than a glittery top), developed a love for handbags (no matter what the scale says, handbags always fit!), and found cuts and patterns that flattered my hourglass shape. Later, my sense of style would be catapulted forward while living in Europe for a year (seriously, the 8-year-olds were better dressed than me) and I witnessed firsthand how a simple scarf can turn an outfit from laissez-faire to incroyable.

Now that we live in the California Bay Area, I’m surrounded by incredibly bad fashion (I’m talking to you, Silicon Valley) and at the same time, ridiculously over-priced high fashion (the flagship stores at the mall down the street include Prada, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton). While I stay away from shops that would have you spend your monthly mortgage payment on a keychain, I do love investing in high-quality clothing and accessories. Quality over quantity is my minimalist mantra. Hence, my love for LE TOTE. A fashionista minimalist’s dream come true!

And now that I’ve prefaced this whole thing with humiliating photos of my style-ignorant past, please head over to the LE TOTE Blog where they’ve featured me as their Style Share of the Week!

Domestically Yours,
Natasha Kay

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