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Lessons Learned From Our Family Travels

Our world trip is over..for now. Continue reading

We Gave Up Our Possessions and Our Jobs to Travel the World

After more than five years in Silicon Valley, California, our family has successfully sold every single thing we own (save for one keepsake tote each) and is leaving this month to travel the world. Continue reading

The One Birthday Present I Choose To Give Myself

This is one present that many of us need to give — and receive. Continue reading

Protein Powder Review: Naked Nutrition

They aren’t kidding — this stuff is really naked. Continue reading

LE TOTE’s Style Share of the Week: Domestica

You’ve probably heard me rant and rave about LE TOTE, the wardrobe-lending service that ships me new clothes every week. This week, they’re featuring me as their Style Share of the Week. Little do they know, I have many skeletons in my fashion closet and I’m going to share them with you. Continue reading