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The One Birthday Present I Choose To Give Myself

This is one present that many of us need to give — and receive. Continue reading

Protein Powder Review: Naked Nutrition

They aren’t kidding — this stuff is really naked. Continue reading

You Won’t Believe What Following a High-Fat Keto Diet did to my Cholesterol and Body Fat %!

Holy Salami, Batman — you won’t believe what eating an ultra high-fat diet for four months did to my body! Salami lovers, unite! Continue reading

Natural Birth Control that Actually Works…and Won’t Cost You Your First-Born Child

The Basal Body Temperature science is older than dirt. But does it actually work? Thanks to technological advances, yes! Continue reading

GYM REVIEW: Club Sport San Jose

If you’re in the San Jose area, check out today’s review of a great fitness facility near you! Continue reading

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