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We Gave Up Our Possessions and Our Jobs to Travel the World

After more than five years in Silicon Valley, California, our family has successfully sold every single thing we own (save for one keepsake tote each) and is leaving this month to travel the world. Continue reading

Did Your Charity Actually Cost You?

Despite the photo being on our fridge for months, it suddenly caught my attention. Stopped in my tracks, it was as if I was seeing the two photos – a picture of our World Vision sponsored child and pictures of our twin boys – for the very first time. Continue reading

It Takes Time

In 14 years, we’ve learned some pretty valuable marriage lessons. Today I share one that I’m sure many of you can relate to! Continue reading

Boys and Their Trucks: Monster Jam Does it Again!

Rednecks, beer, and kids staying up past their bedtime. What could possibly go wrong?! Continue reading

The American Bucket List

Only one more thing to cross off of my American Bucket List! Continue reading