As a Health & Lifestyle Coach, I do things differently. My approach is highly personalized and involves a detailed look at your schedule, stress factors, habits, and strengths. We partner together to uncover your dreams and goals, both in life and in health, because those dreams are the very motivation we’ll tap into when times get tough.

Whereas many health and fitness coaches demand drastic changes overnight, I begin with where you are right now and together, we work toward improving — one habit at a time. Not only is this a highly effective way to lose fat and gain lean muscle, it means the lessons you’re learning will permanently improve your lifestyle habits. My personalized approach prevents the overwhelmed feeling of paralysis that can happen when people first start learning how to eat better, exercise smarter, and adopt a healthier lifestyle.

As a Health Coach, I received my nutrition certification through the reputable Precision Nutrition (PN). Over the past four years, I have coached women from all over the globe in helping them to discover and achieve their health and fitness goals. For many, losing weight was just the beginning and has ultimately led to them uncovering dreams that were buried so deep, they didn’t even know they existed!

Obese women turned fitness instructors.

Unhappy single ladies turned blissful newlyweds.

Frustrated baby-gawkers turned new moms.

What will be your story?


Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of nutrition plan do you give clients?

My personalized coaching addresses the unique issues facing each client and offers clear steps they can take to achieve their health and fitness goals. There is no one perfect diet and I always create a customized meal plan tailored to each client’s needs and expectations. From vegan to Paleo. From calorie counting to more flexible meal planning. All of it depends on your unique needs.

I specialize in helping clients use food to manage (and even heal) digestive disorders, including Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Ulcerative-Colitis, and Crohn’s Disease.

What kind of fitness plans do you give clients?

Every client is different so their fitness plan should be, too. Some people do best working out at home and others need the accountability of a group class. Some clients enjoy stretching and walking while others need the heart-thumping intensity of kickboxing. I work with each client to first figure out what type of exercise they enjoy and then coach them in taking it to the next level. I am an accomplished athlete and bring my personal experience in nearly every type of exercise and sport when building customized fitness plans for my clients.

What makes you different than other nutrition coaches?

I teach clients how to adopt new habits that not only support body transformation goals but more importantly, retrain their health and fitness habits for life. Each client receives fully customized nutrition and fitness plans that are tailored just for them and their unique goals. There are no generic plans here!

Why hire a coach instead of using the <xyz> weight loss meal plan?

Fad diets are great if you have a specific event that you want to slim down for and if you are the type of person who can muster up the will power to follow them. But even if all the stars align and you manage some success on such a diet, without addressing the underlying habits that led you to be unhappy in the first place, you will soon bounce back to your old ways (or worse!). Opting for a Nutrition Coach means you’re getting face-to-face coaching from someone who really cares about your progress and will keep you on track. Generic plans can often leave you feeling overwhelmed and unsuccessful but my plans are tweaked and suited just for you, your body type, and your unique lifestyle.

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Make a decision today to put your quality of life as top priority! I offer one-on-one personal nutrition and lifestyle coaching both in the San Francisco Bay Area and globally via web conferencing. I am currently accepting new clients but space is limited. Contact me today to schedule a no-obligation video chat to find out more!