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The Ketogenic Diet

Not gonna lie, I hate low-carb diets. They suck so bad. But after following a ketogenic diet, I have to say — it’s so much better than other low-carb diets I’ve tried. For one, I never feel deprived and I’m ALWAYS full — and this is coming from a recovering carb-aholic! Secondly, I’ve never gone to bed hungry and yet I’m losing weight like crazy. As anyone with hormonal imbalance can attest, losing weight is incredibly difficult when your hormones are not functioning properly so this is kind of a big deal.

So what does my diet really look like?

Well, let’s just say that last night at a party, I used pieces of fatty salami to scoop up loads of mayo-based spinach dip. And when I stepped on the scale this morning, I had lost weight. Even after eating 2,400 calories the day before (I typically aim for around 1,600). This tells me that my body is loving what I’m doing and is finding it’s happy place (i.e. the weight it wants to be, naturally).

In the first 6 weeks of eating keto, I shared my daily schedule with details on what I ate, my sleep pattern, exercise routine, energy levels, and my weigh-in. I will also be sharing my blood work and hormonal test results because at the end of the day, I’m more concerned with healing my hormones than I am losing weight. I hope you’ll follow along and maybe, since I haven’t ballooned into a heifer or dropped dead of a heart attack, you will want to try it, too!



Week 1 Summary: The summary of my first week on a high-fat ketogenic diet. It was very surprising! I absolutely can’t believe this is a “diet”. Somebody pinch me.

Week 2 Summary: Week 2 on a ketogenic diet was just as enjoyable as Week 1 — except for the puking part…

Week 3 Summary: That dreaded “time of the month” came during my third week of following a ketogenic diet and I can’t help but think that my high-fat eating style had a big impact! I also experienced even MORE weight loss.

Week 4 Summary: It’s been a month of eating a very high-fat diet! Other than a few minor issues (today I’ll share the one nutrient I’m missing now that I’m eating this way and how it affected me), it’s been the best “diet” ever!

Week-2-summary-ketosisWeek 5 Summary: Week 5 brought many new revelations as to why a high-fat diet can be healing for many conditions — not just PCOS. And I overdid it on the carbs!

What Following a High-Fat Ketogenic Diet did to my Cholesterol and Body Fat %!
The test results are in — and you won’t believe it!

RECIPE: Almond Roca Fat Bombs
: Who said there were no “treats” living without sugar?! These “fat bombs” are beyond amazing and the caramelized honey makes them taste just like Almond Roca. At 168 calories each, these fat bombs pack a whopping 89% fat!

Domestically Yours,
Natasha Kay

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