On a Mission to Buy Nothing New in 2013!

FamilyMost of us blindly buy things we don’t actually need in exchange for a brief flutter in our consumer-hungry hearts. We are swept off our feet as we hold a coveted new treasure in the store and again as we set it up at home. But within weeks, days, or even minutes, the flutter is gone and our hearts are back to searching for the thing that will truly satisfy our lust for more.

Our family is taking a stand against this idyllic promise that your life can be better, more fulfilled, and happier when you buy that thing or have that gadget. We want to teach our kids (and ourselves) that more stuff does not translate into more life.

Regardless of your primary motivation, there are many reasons to spend a season of life buying nothing new. The toll it all takes on our environment, to fight consumerism and greed, to prevent entitlement in ourselves and our affluent kids, to better our financial health, or to just recognize how consumed we all are with the latest and greatest <fill in the blank>. Buying nothing new forces you to slow down, makes you evaluate your so-called “needs”, and it offers a new perspective of how fortunate we really are to have what we already have. In our opinion, those things are far more awesome than simply having the ability to buy new things we probably didn’t need anyway.

Try it! We dare you! Even one month of buying nothing new will teach you so much about yourself and your spending habits. If you do, make sure to use the hashtag #nothingnew so I can follow your struggles and triumphs.

Read more about our Year of #NothingNew:

Life Resolution: Buying Nothing New in 2013
A detailed explanation of why we’re doing this and the guidelines we’re following.

Nothing New: January In Review
After month one of buying nothing new, we had serious victories (cha ching!!) and some inevitable defeats (find out why I’m squinting!). But the mental impact of buying nothing new was the most surprising of all.

Nothing New: February In Review
The month Tim lost his wedding ring! Didn’t see that one coming!

Nothing New: March in Review
The month we felt like failures! Full disclosure on the new things we bought and our justifications excuses.

Nothing New: April in Review
April brought about some big purchases, both new and used. Best of all, the resolution to buy nothing new forced us to connect with our neighbors and rely on the goodwill of others.

Nothing New: Upping the Ante
Half-way through April, we decided to take this resolution to the next level. What can we say, we love crazy.

Nothing New: May in Review
In May, we faced a plethora of Nothing New challenges: baby showers, smelly wardrobes, growing boys, and more! This month we proved that shopping can still be fun and one can still dress well when buying nothing new.

Nothing New: June in Review
Half-way through the year and still enjoying the challenge of buying nothing new. In June, we took things to the next level and sold a few of our possessions that most families think are “necessities” but we think life is better without.

Nothing New: July in Review
Last month, Tim finally got the “bug” and for the first time in our 12 years of married life, deviated from our day’s plan to follow the estate sale signs! I couldn’t help but say “I told you so” when he found a gem to take home for himself!

Nothing New: August in Review
In what will probably be the best discovery of our Nothing New 2013, we now have RENTED LEGO. Every mom of boys just did a double-take.

Nothing New: September in Review
We saved ourselves over $1,000 this month by buying secondhand! Another lesson in how buying secondhand can help you afford better quality things that last longer.

Nothing New: October in Review
The spooky season is long gone but the money we saved by buying secondhand sure isn’t!

Nothing New: November in Review
Buying Nothing New has saved our family thousands of dollars this year. But this month it actually made us money!

Nothing New: December in Review
Our final month of the #nothingnew resolution was our most challenging of all. See photos of our Christmas victories as we send secondhand presents to our family all around the globe.

Domestically Yours,
Natasha Kay

IMG_1326Natasha Drisdelle (aka Domestica) is a mom of twins, baby-weight survivor, and health & fitness blogger 
who lives in California’s Silicon Valley. She posted her before-and-after pics on the immortal internet as 
living proof that morphing into a gelatinous baby-growing-factory doesn’t have to mean your bikini days are 

You can find her on Instagram, Google+, Facebook and Twitter, cutting through the myths and guilt that 
keep women from realizing true health and happiness.

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