Ultrasound Results — You Won’t Believe It!

After my Internal Medicine M.D. was stumped to figure out why my liver was over 50% bigger than average, I took matters into my own hands and tried a holistic approach to diagnosing the problem and curing myself. Although I'm a true believer that holistic medicine works, after only six weeks of taking a liver-cleansing herb, I am still shocked at the results of my follow-up ultrasound.

I Have the Liver of a Drunken Sailor

Although we are extremely fortunate to have the medical system we do, sometimes you get nothing but a dead end and unanswered questions. When I found out I have a super-sized liver but with no explanation for why, I took matters into my own hands and explored alternative approaches to healing myself. And holy liver cleanse Batman! Who would have thought that a few little capsules could have such a drastic effect on my entire body!