{recipe} Probiotic-Rich Homemade Yogurt in the Oven (or Yogurt Maker)

Do you seem to get every cold, flu and sickness that goes around? Ever take antibiotics? Do you eat processed foods more than twice a week? Suffer from regular bouts of diarrhea? If you said yes to any of those, there's a good chance your gut flora is imbalanced. Instead of spending a fortune on quality probiotics (since the cheap ones are a TOTAL waste of money!), today I share new tips and tricks on making your own probiotic-rich yogurt; and without any fancy appliances!

{recipe} Greek-Style Turkey Meatloaf

This vintage dinner staple gets reinvented with a Greek twist. The great part is, even if you don't like olives or feta cheese, the flavors are so intermingled and complimentary, you won't even know they are the reason behind the rich flavor. Using ground turkey instead of traditional beef also brings down the fat and caloric content so go ahead, grab a second serving! It's that good!